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Re: "RESTORE" command-XP versus ME

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      07-06-2005 Removed) <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> My sister has a computer problem, and I'm trying to help her.

Is it even possible to help her? Maybe you should try something else.

> She has Microsoft ME as an OS.

I see that you're still playing the parrot, (E-Mail Removed)

> I have XP as an OS.

Why have you xp as an os?

> Neither of us are experienced computer users.

My c64 is running at just over 1 Mhz now.

> Is the procedure called "RESTORE" performed exactly the same way with ME
> as it is with XP?

Classic hallucination by someone who is meddling and controlling.

> I am going to try to help her do a RESTORE on her machine.

What would happen if you were not going to try to help her do a restore on
her machine?

> I've done a RESTORE several times on my XP machine.

I too have done a restore several times on your xp machine.

> Any differences or "gotchas" between ME RESTORE and XP RESTORE that I
> should be aware of when I try to do this?


> Thank you.

Get ****ed.

> Lee Carkenord.


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