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Synopsys Error: Cannot open intermediate file

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Hey everyone. I have two designs: a hamming code design and a ram
BIST design. The hamming code I have already compiled into the
following directory:


The ram BIST design uses the "HAM" library (and later on instantiates
the design) in the VHDL like so:

library HAM;
use HAM.hamming_encode8;
use HAM.hamming_decode8;

However, I'm compiling the ram BIST design in another directory. In
this directory I have a .synopsys_vss.setup that reads:

HAM > work
work : /home/corbe/projects/bpe/ham_code/sim/work

So, I'm trying to point vhdlan to this pre-compiled resource library.
However, when I the compile the ram BIST design in the current
directory, an error message results:

Cannot open intermediate file for reading - work/HAMMING_ENCODE8.sim

For some reason it expects the hamming design compiled code to be in
the current work directory. Why? I've tried changing names, etc. in
the .synopsys_vss.setup file but to no avail. This really shouldn't
be too hard. Any ideas?

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