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Simulation error

Madan Mohan KM
Posts: n/a
Hi all,
I have this error in top level simulations instancing xilinxcorlib
generated FIFO, where as the component
fif02kx16.vhd(generated from the xilinx corelib) is working fine
indipendently for test cases. Please suggest me how could I go ahead
solving this simulation error! Please refer the xilinxcorelib
components w.r.t to messages below.

please observe, this is the comments on the VCS(speedwave) command
I can send the code of instance..VHDL for your reference too.

WBM FIFO Initialization Starts.... 0 NS
RESET for 100ns.... 0 NS
**Assertion WARNING: There is an 'U'|'X'|'W'|'Z'|'-' in an arithmetic
the result will be 'X'(es).
** Occurred on line 63 of package body STD_LOGIC_ARITH
executing instance /COMP_WBM
** at delta 2 of time 8 ns.
**Runtime Error: Result of -(-214748364 is out of range defined by
TO 2147483647)
** Occurred on line 138 of package body SYNC_FIFO_PKG_V3_0
while executing instance /COMP_WBM/WBM_FIF0/U0
** at delta 2 of time 8 ns.
Simulation stopped in /COMP_WBM/WBM_FIF0/U0/READ_COUNTER, file
E:\Raksha_compiled_libs\XILINXCORELIB\sync_fifo_v3 _0.vhd,
line 196.
Thanks in Advance,
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Eyck Jentzsch
Posts: n/a
without any code it's impossible to help, but as a first guess you seem
to forgot an initialization of an integer ...


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