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How to configure Outlook Express for IMAP?

Julie P.
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Hi, I am having trouble configuring Outlook Express 6 for IMAP with my new
webhost: IX Webhosting. This is what I use now for settings for them:

incoming mail server: mail.[my domain].com
outgoing mail server: (this is my ISP's required setting)
outgoing server does not require authentication

Under the "Advanced" tab:

outgoing SMTP service port: 25
incoming IMAP service port: 143

Under the "IMAP" tab:

root folder path: ????? [it is blank right now, and "mail/" does not work]
"check for messages in all folders": checked

"Special Folders":
"store special folders on IMAP server": checked
Sent items path: "Sent Items"
Drafts path: "Drafts"

I can send and receive email fine. The problem is all of my sent emails are
being routed to the "Sent Items" folder for a local, unrelated, mail account
on my computer (POP3), not to a folder in my IX Webhosting IMAP account. And
no "Sent Items" or "Drafts" folders automatically downloaded when I created
my IX Webhosting IMAP account. I created these folders later, under "Inbox",
but the sent mails and drafts to not automatically route there.

Does anyone know what I can do to resolve this. Perhaps I need to change my
"root folder path"??

There were no instructions in IX Webhosting's online manual for configuring
IMAP. Plus when I contacted their tech support, they had no idea how to
configure IMAP. they said it was up to me to learn to configure OE6. I tried
doing a search about configuring IMAP for OE6, yet all the sites found were
specific for the servers at the universities they were written for, and
nothing I tried wroked. Moreover, the Outlook Express 6 help function did
not go into any detail about configuring IMAP.

Thanks for any help!


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Move the folders you created on the IMAP server to the root folder.

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Trying to configure IMAP clients can be tricky for any server. You gotta
know a little bit about how the IMAP server works.

"Dodo" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Move the folders you created on the IMAP server to the root folder.

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