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Re: COLA Regulars being forged in aow-xp

Keyser Soze
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chrisv wrote:
> William Poaster wrote:
>> begin It was on Tue, 18 Jan 2005 01:22:20 -0500, that rapskat
>> scribbled down:
>>> Just a FYI, Kangeta Man or one of s/h/it's ASSociates are spoofing
>>> posts using the names of many Advocates in this group over in
>>> aow-xp.

>> Powaqquatsi man has forged names before, & probably will again.
>>> To what purposes, IDK. Just petty trolling, maybe. Or maybe in an
>>> attempt to discredit Linux & advocates of it. Either way, it's
>>> pretty pathetic.

>> It is. Furthermore, if you tell him he's plonked, he has a hissy fit
>> & floods a whole lot of names into a thread, which such childish
>> messages as "Kill this" "And this" etc. He will then throw a few
>> socks into the newsgroup. The stupid berk (even though being told
>> you're using leafnode) still does it. He obviously has no idea what
>> leafnode is, nor how it can killfile.

> And even if you don't have leafnode, the nym-shifts are so obvious
> that they are simply deleted or ignored unread.

Is that your cue to retire from plonking, you hemorrhoidal blood vessel?

Because you're tired and can't keep it up anymore, huh?

Some Big ****

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