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Re: Complex digital ICs visual simulation?

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Hi Kevin Aylward ((E-Mail Removed)), you wrote:

>> If I e.g. place a RAM component into MultiSim, will it simulate
>> it? I.e. can I (using switches and hex displays) write on the
>> RAM and then read back? Is the IC really simulated, or it's just
>> a graphic symbol?
>> If so, is there any other program that will do it?

> In principle yes. This depend on if you can figure out how to drive
> multisim.


Thanks for your reply. I managed to enter data into the simulated
RAM via switches, and read it back correctly using hex displays.

But, ain't it possible to directly load a binary file into the
simulated RAM (or EPROM) to initialize its values?

I'd like to design a very simple CPU, and having to load the program
each time via switches is, to say the very least, tedious.


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