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Re: OT: EDA tools on AMD-64?

Larry Doolittle
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In article <bgc7rr$fj3$1$(E-Mail Removed)>, Joe wrote:
> Not really VHDL/Verilog question but I guess lots of people
> here would be interested.
> Any news about support of EDA tools running on AMD-64 platform?
> (Especially backend stuffs which likely to take up more memory).

Icarus Verilog has supported 64-bit platforms for a long time now.
Linux Journal just reviewed it for AMD-64/Linux. It runs roughly
twice as fast as the fastest Athlon, and breaks the 4 Gig limit
for a design memory footprint easily.

I'm not sure how well AMD-64 does on a throughput/dollar metric,
but if you need more than 4 Gig per-process virtual memory, your
other choices get very expensive very fast.

- Larry
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