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Forte Agent

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I have downloaded Forte Agent (Win 9 and have attempted to use it as
a newsreader. When I try to open an item of the downloaded headers, I
get a popup that asks for my internet connection ISP. I have gone
through the routine establishing that my ISP connection is a LAN but,
nevertheless, I am connected to a land line that proceeds to dial the
telephone. I cancel the dialing.

How can I use Forte Agent thru my LAN? Thanks very much!

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"MayB" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
news:bcKyd.40227$(E-Mail Removed):

> Forte Agent thru my LAN

Can I use Agent with a DSL, Cable, or other Network connection to the

To use Agent over a direct (dial-less) connection (cable modem, DSL, LAN,
etc) all you have to do is go to Options | User And System Profile | Dial
Up and remove the setting to open a dial up connection before going online.
And, of course, set your server information up according to the new servers
you will be accessing.

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