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XST Process Failure

Jeremy Pyle
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I am creating some image processing hardware and one of the things I would
like to do is to store part of an image as a signal in my architecture. I
have it declared as:

type T_IMAGEROWS is array(0 to 4) of UNSIGNED(0 to 511);

When I instantiate this in my code, the code no longer synthesizes. If I
try to synthesize the architecture without this in there, it works fine.
When I put this in I get the following error:

ERRORortability:3 - This Xilinx application has run out of memory or has
encountered a memory conflict. Current memory usage is 1398696 kb. Memory
problems may require a simple increase in available system memory, or
possibly a fix to the software or a special workaround. To troubleshoot or
remedy the problem, first: Try increasing your system's RAM.
Alternatively, you may try increasing your system's virtual memory or swap
space. If this does not fix the problem, please try the following: Search
the Answers Database at to locate information on this
error message. If neither of the above resources produces an available
solution, please use Web Support to open a case with Xilinx Technical
Support off of As it is likely that this may be an
unforeseen problem, please be prepared to submit relevant design files if

I am using the XiLinx webpack version 5.2 and I have the latest service
pack. Can I just not instantiate local data this large?


Jeremy Pyle

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