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Re: USA Presidunce Hates Computers Because Knowledge Is Bad

High Alert
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tax-breax - crax-breax - iRock is so peaceful now

bring it on - girlie-mans of the wurld - we got da bombs

watch MTV and drink carbonated sodas - it B gud 4 U

drill fer oil up a moose's arse - kill the arabs wit kindness

an energy-efficient automobile runs on Repulictard bullshite

Amerika is better place: Konstatution against queers and p2p

and of course iRock is such a better place - hang the cost to

put on the mastercard: mutherbomb = $6B; 1k soldiers dead;
Santa Whosane in chains = priceclub!


<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:...
> Removed) wrote:
>> Hooray for President Bush!
>> His new overtime rules go into effect today!
>> The working man in the USA makes too much money for too

>> sweat and blood anyway - and WOMEN -- especially NURSES --
>> they don't deserve the money they make without overtime, much
>> much less this "time-and-a-half" windfall for sleeping on

>> Keep the current adminsitration in - Because America is a

>> place.
>> We should have bombed the devil out of Canada for letting

>> 9/11 terrorists cross over the border - then the world would

>> a safer place --- but who ever heard of "moose wells" for USA
>> big business to exploit???
>> Give them another term in office and we'll straighten that

>> Remember: Get OUT THERE AND VOTE - for Bush/Wartard
>> in 2004!!!

> Hmm. Yer not lookeen at the big pikkture here, methinks. Bush

wants to
> force them welfare mommies to have more babies because he's

> away abortion - and that just means more little crack babies

for the
> gay couples to adopt and raise up perverted and sick because

who can
> afford USA medical care? The doctors can - because they can

> butcher your grandmommie up because she can't sue them for

> off her legs because she still gets her Social Impurity check

all the
> time - no loss of money, no lawsuit allowed! Bush says "I

improved the
> health care system."
> Fires in California? Bush says "Chop them trees down first -

no trees
> = no fires!" Bush is really making it better for Americans by

> the cut down trees to the Japs so Americans don't get sawdust

in our
> lungs. We can always buy the lumber from the Japs!
> Support America! Defeat Terrorwrists! Pay $3.00 for gas and

shut up
> about it!
> Yep! Bush is a leader - with a team - and they're always

working on
> something.

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