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Keyboard trouble

Paul Stokes
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I've got a pavilion HP laptop which seems to have intermittent problems with
certain keys on the keyboard.

Every now and then, the 'H', 'G' and Backspace keys stop working all at the
same time. usually removing the H button and blowing around the rubber
underneath solves the problem with all buttons but surely dust under one
button wouldnt cause problems for another key at the other side of the
keyboard. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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"Paul Stokes" <> wrote in message
news:EMQKc.70776$(E-Mail Removed) k...
> Well seeing as it's a laptop, would kinda defeat the purpose of having a
> compact, portable system if i had to carry around a separate keyboard to
> use.

But you could try using an external keyboard for a short while just to
ascertain whether the problem IS caused by the laptop keyboard or not.

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