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Bad Linking Method?

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My site accepts link additions and reciprocal linking. Today a person
linking to My Site contacted me; he wanted to know why his link from
My Site in Google said "Bad Link Report".

I'm thinking what the heck is this guy talking about? I do offer a
link called Report Bad link, just incase someone caught a merchants
link not working. So off I go to Google and type in this person's URL
in the engine… SURE enough BLAM! Report Bad link, when I click on that
link it took me to my own page called bad link. Needless to state I do
not have the slightest idea why google would do this.

Here is My Site link layout juts in case someone out there can tell me
what the heck is going on.

(Title & URL Link) A&E Designs Classic Apparel
(Description) A&E Designs is proud to offer an outstanding array of
quality apparel and gifts. Our gallery features over 1,400 t-shirt
designs, dozens of great jackets and fleece wear, lots of very cool
accessories and even some rare collectibles! Special prices are
available for bulk quantities

(Added: Wed Oct 23 2002 Hits: 75 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 1)
(URL) Rate It (URL) Review It (URL**Took it off) Report Bad Link (URL)
Send this link to a friend!

SO how in the heck did GOOGLE grab the 4th URL on my page and
designate it the sites url?????

If there is anyone out there that can make heads or tales of this I
would appreciate it..

P.S. I took off the Report Bad Link Option
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