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Re: Yet another .net bug?

Jan Tielens
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Only public members are serialized by default.You could write your own
serializer/deserializer to include private members. For more info you can
read this article:

Read my weblog:
"Bryan Martin" <(E-Mail Removed), Removed)> schreef in bericht
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Within the last couple of weeks it seems that every complex project must
> come to a halt due to bugs in the framework. Can someone look at the
> included class and confirm/deny or generally point me to a location which
> explains a workaround.
> The problem that I am seeing is that I am trying to serialize a strongly
> typed collection named parent which intern implements a internal

> of children. When you attempt to output this to a xml file you lose any
> properties within the parent. You dont get any errors or anything but you
> only get the parent with no properties. However, removing the internal
> collection will allow the parent to be saved out correctly.
> See attached file or

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