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Flash 5 & movie clips?

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Hoping someone here can help...

I am using Flash 5 to create a movie - if i can get it to work it should be
a number of "movie" clips making up the whole "movie"


1 .. i have created an animation and then saved it as a movie clip
2 .. i then inserted a new scene and then sited the movie clip in frame 1 on
the first time line
3 .. i then inserted a new layer and placed a graphic over the top of the
"movie-clip" - i.e at frame 1 with a keyframe ending at frame5
4 .. i then inserted another layer but this time the image was sited at
frame 6 on the
third timeline with a closing keyframe at frame 10, this second image is
slightly different to the image on layer 2 BUT it sits directly in front the
image on layer 2.

My expectation was that the movie-clip would play (and loop) and the
"animation" from layer 2 &3 would also play (and loop)

HOWEVER, what i get is the movie clip plays then dissappears i.e i get a
"blank" frame then the animation runs then a blank frame then the movie
runs again.

Is it possible to have the movie running continuously in the background with
the new animation running directly on top of it? ( i.e the animation covers
part of the movie running in the background)

Hope all this makes sense

Many thanks


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