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SELECT method for a textbox control: broken or by design?

Cindy M -WordMVP-
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Hi all

While working my way through a VB.NET exercise, I came
across something that didn't do what the text said it
should and I'm wondering if it's supposed to behave this
way, or not.

txtNote.Text = AllText
txtNote.Enabled = True
txtNote.Select(0, 0) 'deselect text

txtNote is a textbox control on a windows form. Alltext is
a string variable. As the code stands, the txtNote control
is NOT selected, focus remains in the control that had the
selection when the code is executed.

If I include the line that's currently commented out, first
selecting the control specifically, then setting the
selection length (doesn't matter what numbers I put in the
function), it works as I'd expect, and focus is in the text

Should it always be necessary to use Select twice, or am I
missing something?

-- Cindy

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