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IE6 Changing Up Fonts In Mid Stream

Sens Fan Happy In Ohio
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Okay, this is a new one and I can't seem to find anything in the Microsoft
Knowledge Base about fonts changing by themselves. Yea, sounds more like
something out of "Poltergeist" right? Well it's happening! An example:

I'll load up one of my Yahoo group pages and all the URLs and menus will
come up as an Arial/Helvetica font. Once I click on a link to go on to
another page, that NEW page will suddenly become Courier or sometimes a
Times New Roman font with no underlined links and the font is in black
rather than the standard blue. Hitting an F5 (or clicking Refresh)
sometimes returns the page to being all in Arial/Helvetica with underlines
and in blue for the hyperlinks ... and then sometimes it takes several

Gremlins? Demons? What could be causing this weirdness? And here's
another one ... sometimes the font SIZE gets changed without my approval
too! I always keep it set to Medium (default). But over the past few days
I've noticed that sometimes it gets set to "smaller" or "larger" without me
doing anything about it. I swear ... IE6 is going flaky on me!


Reply address is fake. Please send all praise, abuse, insults, bequests of
$1million US dollars to sensfan_luvslisa (at) yahoo (dot) ca. Change the
obvious to the obvious. Oh, and if you must abuse or insult, don't expect a
reply. Money gets faster attention ;o)

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