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COMInterop does not work in Framework 1.1 without Framework 1.0

Anatoly Volodko
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Hi All,

I have installed .NET Framework v.1.1.4322 (with VS .NET 2003) on new
operating system (any Windows version - 98, ME,2000, XP,2003 ).

Thus, the Framework v.1.0.3705 is NOT installed.

In this situation all samples in
"..\FrameworkSDK\v1.1\Samples\Technologies\Interop " do not work.

This is due to all RCW-classes (both installed with framework 1.1 and
generated by tlbimp.exe) have references to mscorlib.dll v 7.3300.0 in

But this version of mscorlib is not shipped with framework 1.1

For example it applies to dlls in
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\Primary Interop Assemblies" :
adodb.dll Microsoft.mshtml.dll Microsoft.stdformat.dll msdatasrc.dll

Envdte.dll, VS - extensibility does not work too.

Does Microsoft consider that everybody (any customer which uses products on
..NET 1.1) must install .NET Framework v.1.0.3705 to work with COM interop of
Framework v.1.1.4322?

Which way to solve this problem would you propose?

Warm regards,
Anatoly Volodko
All is happening is happening to the best

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Mattias Sjögren
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>You can repeat situation very easy.

Unfortunately I can't, since I don't have any machine with only VS.NET
2002 on it.

>To adds menu items to enviroment and installer calls C# code from our AddIn:
>dte=new DTEClass();
>and throw exception:
>"COM object with CLSID {3C9CFE1E-389F-4118-9FAD-365385190329} is either not
>valid or not registered."
>This CLSID is for DTEClass which is registered by VS.NET 2003

Have you verified that the DTE class is properly registered on the
machine? Do you have a key


on your system?


Mattias Sjögren [MVP] mattias @
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