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Anti-Virus damage.

William Poaster
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It was on Fri, 13 Feb 2004 05:09:12 +0000, just as I was halfway through a
large jam doughnut, that bryan gordon wrote:

> helllo
> anti viurs 2003 some times will not detect that your email send to you
> so it wont ask you
> if you want to repair it delete or quarartin the virus i would do is any
> emails that has att have the email send to a yahoo or hotmail addres that
> you have set up so you can scan for virus
> bryan
> computer tech

Computer tech???? ROTFL!!!

Some people are only alive because it is illegal to shoot them.
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TwisterFreak spilled my beer when they jumped on the table and proclaimed in
<402beaaf$0$9750$(E-Mail Removed)>

> Thanks for that guys. Didnt realise that about Nortons 2002.
> She has uninstalled it and thrown AVG on.
> So is it possible for a virus to actually cause bad sectors?

No. Since it's a new drive, IIRC, I suggest, as do others here, to get it

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