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athlon XP2600 or not?

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"Blinky the Shark" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed) ...
> "x@y"/Micio wrote:
> > Hello "Blinky" !!
> > After reading all the Posts on Athlon I had that
> > uncontrollable urge to Post a Joke about It.
> > I noticed You Edited my original Post You took
> > the patches out.
> > I know the difference between OPs. & Motherboards.
> > Thanks for Your Input. x@y/micio
> >========================================

> I don't "edit" quotes. I'll snip lines, as long as the meaning

> change.
> Blinky wrote!!!

> What patches?

> The patches I ment are all those repairs that we
> download from Microsoft to fix Windows XP.
> I see You use Linux and maybe You do not require
> patches like we do.

> I am not an expert on these new generation of computers,
> I had a commodore 64 for twenty years only a few
> problems but no patches, and no Internet of coars.
> Talk to You on future Postings. "x@y"/Micio.


> --
> Blinky Linux RU 4892F

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