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audio hum when i run my PC sound thru my stereo system

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"Thund3rstruck_N0i" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:4026eb0d$0$73085$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Mistuh spilled my beer when they jumped on the table and proclaimed in
> <oeAVb.184810$(E-Mail Removed)>
> > O well....i tried all the above...the patch cable is brand new and in

> > shape...the stereo is plugged into the "line out" jack absolutely. Both
> > PC and stereo are now in the same wall outlet, altho i have to use an
> > extension cord for the stereo...and the hum is still humming EXACTLY as
> > before...<sigh>. Any other ideas?

> How old is the stereo? Some of the older (Pre late-70's) allow you to

> the power cord in, more ways than one. If this is the case, try reversing
> that.

I bought the stereo in 2001. NOI

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Albert Ferrero
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I have a Dell laptop and experience the same problem. What I've found, that
significantly reduces the sound, is check and see if you have Real Player
software installed. If you do, then run it, play some audio file or
something and lower the volume on it as low as possible. For some reason,
Real Player software affects the entire audio settings on the computer.
Then, adjust all the other volume settings to compensate for the lower
volume (ie turn up the speaker volume on the task bar and the actual volume
on the speakers). If that doesn't work then try to do the opposite, meaning,
turn up the volume in Real Player and down the volume everywhere else.


"Mistuh" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:71yVb.3709$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi all. I have my Dell PC hooked up to my stereo receiver....but i cannot
> get a persistent low-frequency hum out of this connection. The hum ONLY
> comes from the stereo system speakers, surround speakers, etc. There is

> hum from the harman kardon speakers that are used specifically as PC
> speakers. I tried plugging the RCA jacks into several different
> outputs/inputs(?) on the back of the receiver, but no matter WHAT i do, i
> can't get rid of that hum! Any suggestions/solutions? Thanks in advance.

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zzcoustics zzcoustics is offline
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The ZZcoustics Audio Adapter solves all the hum problems and more it converts the headphone level output of your computer, laptop or MP3 player to a RCA line level signal perfect for your home stereo system.
Please visit my zzcoustics website for all the details

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Hello all. I have experienced this same problem a few times over the years. It seems the solutions have varied from location to location. As has been said:

1. Try to plug the pc and stereo into same outlet. This is the first logical step, however there is one problem. Accessories such as monitors, external hard drives, powered P.C. speakers all require their own power sources and vicariously through dvi, usb, or audio cable throw their own bit of charge back to your p.c.
2. Try to plug all accessories for pc and home theater into 1 circuit: Not likely to happen unless you have some giant line conditioner that can handle 12+ devices.

Soooooo.......The most practical solution seems to be the best and most consistent, in my experience, and that is to raise the P.C. off the floor and make sure the stainless (conductive) part of the case is separate from the floor by something non-conductive like a thick text book. Static electricity from the carpet and any chance of CPU chassis ground out of the picture this seems to work over and over. Give it a shot before you purchase any band aides, it might just take care of the problem. Happy listening!
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KevindF KevindF is offline
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This worked for me. It worked like a charm. Now I can run my cable tv audio through my logitech 5.1 audio system.
VSIS-EU Cable TV Ground Loop Isolator
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