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xp firewall vs.zonealarm

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Nice post.
Agreed on norton/mcafee.
I like and use etrust and have good luck with the AV product. from
past experience Panda works out well.
The home pc thing is as pointed out.
For broadband I use the router system with just the AV.
I find anything symantec to be ...... well, there are better, smaller,
easier to work with things out there.

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 22:58:50 -0000, "Budweiser"
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>"Šaz ©." <> wrote in message
>news:TfTRb.12587$(E-Mail Removed)...
>> if XP has its own firewall would I be better sticking with it or disabling
>> it and using zonealarm?
>> tia

>Personally i would do as suggested and not use the built in firewall.However
>although people sing the praises of zone alarm, i am not one of them--not
>that i advocate using Norton ("bloaty").
>I use --at present--Panda Platinum--and have had zero problems with virus or
>"attacks"--percieved or intentional.
>Others i have used ,and still do on some machines
>include-BlackIce(firewall)--Norton, but i does mess with the setup/config of
>the machine, and takes up more space than a fat thing on a fat day on a
>budget airline seat,and not forgetting McAfee,which is also tedious to set
>up,and catches little(when i had it running).
>From my experience a firewall is of little use-it covers a percieved
>risk--who wants to hack a home machine??-they present no challenge and no
>reward once entered.Most "attacks" you will (at home ) see are just
>scanners,or your IP seeing if your cable modem is alive and well, and or
>checking for periods of inactivity(dialup).
>However i do consider antiviri essential as the source can be from any
>number of media (web/floppy/borrowed cd et all) but again very few viri
>will actually harm you--they just like to re-populate themselves via address
>books etc--more of a nuisence than anything else.But there are ones out
>there that will mess with the system,so protection is a sensible idea.
>Do the AV companies create viri to scare us into buying detection
>software??--who knows,but it would not be the first time that someone has
>created a market for thier wares.
>The choice as ever is yours--
>just my thoughts on the subject,and as ever there will be someone along with
>a different point of view.

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