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"trout" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:bvbpnv$qln81$(E-Mail Removed)
> Jay wrote:
> > "trout" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> > news:bv4519$nkj9c$(E-Mail Removed)
> >> Jay wrote:

> >
> >> --
> >> "Go slap yourself. My arm's getting tired."

> >
> > I bet it is.

> I see that you're still struggling with the subject; so let's do a
> little math.
> Number of attribution lines in your post: 2
> Number of posters quoted in your post:1

Are you this boring in real life (serious question)

> Now, feel free to blame your software/other posters, or just mumble
> more petulant inanities.

wow that was days ago!
It took you this long to come up with a response!
lets do some math.
Trout = "an old man who drinks too much beer"
Too much beer plus being old divided by talking **** = *******s.
*******s divided by *your* average post =. ummm *******s!
It's official. Trout is undeniably dull.
You really should stop blaming others because you have beer tits.

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Posts: n/a
Jay wrote:

> wow that was days ago!

And you continue to make the same simple-minded errors. I see now,
that it *is* just because you are genuinely stupid, without any such
mitigating factors as originality or wit.
Continue then, to wallow in your ignorance, and delight in your own
pre-pubescent attempts at humour to deflect notice from the fact that
you have the IQ of a sack of flour.
"And less personality."

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