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How to change spark plugs on Ford Contour V6?

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Hey Jian:

I got a Ford Contour 99 V6 and I have changed 3 times the spark plugs. As you said the three frontal SP are ease to change but the rear ones are very difficult unless you do certain job. All you have to do is a little more work. You should remove parts that don't alllow you to reach the 3 rear spark plugs. So, remove the plastic holder of the air filter with the corresponding hoses and do forget to disconect the wires of the sensors. Later, unscrew the three bolts that fix the aceleration wire to the intake manifold, then releasing that metalic base and put it to the side. Later, release the EGR valve from the intake manifold (two more bolts) and finally remove the intake manifold (6 additional bolts). In this way you will have easy access to back part where the three spark plugs are located. With the intake manifold in its location it is practically imposible to reach the rear spark plugs. I hope you understood this explanation and solve your problem.
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