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Re: Thumbs.db Files

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wisefool said:
> Jeff L said:
>> Hello,
>> I have noticed that whenever I look at pictures in any folder,
>> Windows XP will cache all the thumbnails in a file called
>> "Thumbs.db" unless I tell it not to in the Folder Options. However,
>> I still (supposedly) have many Thumbs.db files throughout all my
>> picture folder structure, and I would like to know how to get rid of
>> them once and for all.
>> I do a search for the filename, even including hidden files, and it
>> comes up with nothing. But when I copy all my picture folders to a
>> CD burning window (Roxio, for example), all the Thumbs.db files
>> appear in the CD burning window. Please note that this applies only
>> to picture folders that existed prior to my turning off the
>> thumbnail caching option. What shall I do to prevent the Thumbs
>> files from appearing in future CD burning windows?
>> Thanks!
>> Jeff

> 1. Uncheck: Tools > Folder Options > View > Hide protected
> operating system files*

Oh and you'll need Folder Options > View > Show Hidden Files and
Folders selected too.
> 2. Search your pictures folder(s) for thumbs.db files:
> 3. Delete to recycle bin (or permanently if you could care less about
> them)

One way to select all is to click anywhere in the search results and press
> 4. Do CD writing
> 5. Restore thumbs.db files from recycle bin (if you want)
> 6. Recheck: Tools > Folder Options > View > Hide protected
> operating system files
> * Note the warnings from Windows about this option. They are safe
> to ignore really, as long as you don't wander about your system
> deleting files not to do with the task at hand whilst the option is
> unchecked.
> wisefool


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