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my slow lan

Damir G
Posts: n/a
now back to my old problem.. <- after I reconnect the cable or
reset the switch
I have linux pc1 with 2 nics. Via-rhine is connected to the switch. I have
another via-rhine nic on pc2 connected to the switch. How can I make this
thing work at full speed like on lan2.jpg every time I restart pc2? Normally
after I restart pc2, it works like on lan1.jpg. I have 100mbps levelone
FSW-2108TX model of the switch (
All cables are utp cat5e (straight through ||). All together I have 3 PCs
connected to the switch. It appears that transfers from PC2 and PC3 which
use windows work fine. But I don't know if it's full duplex, because one way
is 2 times faster than both ways. It's the same with PC1 and PC2 in lan2.jpg
state. When I copy from PC1 to PC1 over lan, the transfers go down to 4 MB/s
both ways instead 7MB/s. I don't know if that's because of slow processor on
PC1 (333mhz celeron)...
Anyway how can I make my lan work at max speeds when I restart any of the
computers? Do I need to change ethernet cards, the switch or what?

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Damir G
Posts: n/a
nevermind... the problem was via-rhine in pc2. so I put realtek nics to pc2
and pc3 and via-rhine to pc1(linux) and it works perfect.

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