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Ideas for a small business venture

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To The People who want to earn a some extra cash. With very little

I recently registered to be a member of to participate
in surveys online.
If you join, you can get paid when you participate in surveys. When
you refer friends, you will get paid for their participation and their
friends' participation. They pay cash!
Go to and click on 'Join'. If
my personal referral link above does not take you to the SurveySavvy
web site when you click on it, simply copy and paste it into the
address window of your browser. For future reference, my referral
e-mail address is: Removed)

This is a legitamate website and you don't pay anything. You just
enter in your profile information and then they continually mail you
surveys, that you qualified for. Each survey pays you a minimum of
$3.00 and takes you about 3 to 5 min. to take, if do what I do and
just click on whatever, without reading the questions. Plus you also
get money for referals who complete the surveys. Last month I earned
$73.00, which isn't a lot, but it only took my a total of 40min. of my
Consider it and please remember to use me as a reference for
introducing this to you.
Have fun,

Steven Block
P.S. There are websites out there that charge you about $30.00 and
they give you a list of websites like this one, but most of the ones
one the lists are garbage. If you are interested in completing suveys
for a little extra cash feel free to email me. I know of a couple
other websites that are legitamate that I will tell you about if you
want. But do not waist your money, when with a little research, you
can find the good companies yourself.
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