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DVd won't play Dvds

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I've just put in a dvd drive in a machine (Duron 950, Via KT 133A) that has
a Riva
card for video (PCI), and WinDVD, PowerDVD do not work, giving errors
as unsupported file format from PowerDVD, and No supported drive or
disc errors from WinDVD. Do these programs require AGP cards to
function? I've installed the latest VIA drivers, no help.... I've run
a freeware DVD player with included (admittedly poor) dvd drivers and
it works (or it did once), (they did say they weren't great drivers.). So
how do I get WinDVD or PowerDVD to
recognize the discs - the drives show up in windows, so I know it's
recognizing he drive, but the commercial DVD drivers are not working
properly. Win ME, up to date Direct X9, Nvidia Riva 4 MB video PCI, Power
DVD XP (4),
Latest WinDVD trial version (5, I think)Via Hyperon drivers for KT 133A
chipset. New Lite On 16 X (166s I believe)Set up as slave with cdrw as
master (though tried it as master with cdrw disconnected.) Power dvd error
was unknown file format, Windvd error was no compatible DVD/CD drive found.

Harlequin DVD (shareware) now works fine with its own drivers - but still no
commercial software working.....

Does it need an AGP card?
Thanks for any help.....

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