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XP NTBackup versus WinZip and copy

Nick Michell
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Any thoughts on the relative merits of XP NTBackup as against a DOS
Batch file invoking WinZip, with a fixed list of files?

I've been using the latter method for many moons (yes - I have had
cause to recover data, and this has been successful).

I've been aware of NTBackup for a while, although it's been of only
academic interest - I use Win 98 SE for all my main development work
and have XP on my test machine for compatibility testing only.

I've just been engaged by a client who, until now, has been using
NTBackup on a regular basis - they've lost their NTBackup definitions
and called me in to look at the problem.

Frankly, I'm horrified - talk about sledge-hammer and nut! Also, from
my (admittedly brief) investigation, it appears that:-

1. NTBackup does not compress.

2. It cannot write directly to CDR (okay - media reliability is
another issue).

3. The backup contents are not verifiable (as far as I can ascertain)
- with WinZip, double-click and hey-presto there they are!

4. Even worse - ntbackup.bkf files are in proprietary format - Win98
can't do a thing with them. This is not a frivolous point - in a
disaster situation, my client may need to run their (Win 98
compatible) software on a leased PC.

I'm open to conversion here, but I need some strong arguments - hit

As for ASR - you can backup but not restore - that's handy.

Nick Michell
Doff Your Hat for personal reply.
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