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how to get mp3's onto cassettes?

Pierre Beaulieu
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Did you try to plug your tape recorder in computer's head phone jack???


"Trevor Smith" <(E-Mail Removed) (substitute bt for beetee)>
wrote in message news:bnuiiv$7cp$(E-Mail Removed)...
> "Sherlock" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:Rllob.12466$(E-Mail Removed)
> > Went to best buy and asked for a machine to plug into USB port to record
> > cassette tapes from my mp3 songs but only got stupid looks and "we don't
> > sell these".
> >
> > Anybody know how to do this?
> >
> > thanks
> >
> >

> Have you got a CD writer on your PC and a hi-fi system which allows you to
> tape music CD's? Burn a music CD on your PC from your mp3's, put the CD

> the hi-fi and record the tape from there. Reason: most of the loss of
> quality is the digital to analog conversion step. I'll bet most hifi's

> beat most PC's for this.
> Trevor

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There is a very good way to record MP3 files into audio cassette. One of the best products in the market is PHILIPS AZ1852 CD SOUNDMACHINE. There is also another model AZ1856 which is very similar, I dont know if there is any technical difference between AZ1852 and AZ1856.

Method 1:
1) Insert the USB stick with MP3 files into the AZ1852 USB connector
2) Insert blank cassette, it is better to use TDK or MAXELL cassettes as these are highest quality.
3 Press record to record on to the cassette.

The method above assumes that the MP3 files have good volume level.

However many times, MP3 files downloaded (sometimes even brand new CDs have this problem) are having poor volume.

The 2 methods below will be suitable for low volume files, also applicable to low volume CDs and uses laptop or any computer..

Method 2:
1) Play the USB stick or hard disk MP3 files using Winamp or Windows Media Player.
2)Adjust volume of Winamp from Mid level to Max level, depending on how low the volume is. Too high level may cause clipping effect due to limited dynamic range of sound card.
3) Attach audio cable from Headphone output of laptop to AZ1852/56 AUX IN connector.
4) Press record button on AZ1852.
5) Click play on Winamp/Media player on laptop.

Method 3:
Same as method 1, however, you use software like AUDACITY to boost the volume level. Low volume files could be boosted like 6 or 7dB. Bass boost of 12 dB in Audacity hides the melody sounds and is not very good. Overboost would cause audible distorsion.

In general Winamp is very good to know the TOTAL PLAYING TIME in the play list to cleanly fit into the blank audio cassette. Media Player does not seem to show the total playing time, only the individual playing time.

AZ1852 is available time to time from website like Ebay and Indian website like Rediff, Futuremart, RetailMart etc.

Cassette always has convenience of not requiring battery to maintain playing position, USB sticks use up the standby power. I am not sure if solar powered USB has come to do what cassette can do without battery.
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