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Re: Do-deca-hedral Cathedral

Baron Maximillian von Schtuldeworfshiseundurheimhoppen
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Dr. Mediocrities wrote:
> RoboDwarfe 7.3 wrote in message news:bx%jb.802467$Ho3.216938@sccrnsc03
>> Dodecahedral
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> [Image] [Image]

> A high resolution foreground cleaned CMB map from WMAP
> "Prof. Max Tegmark" <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
> "If you got here from the New York Times soccer ball
> story or the story about the Nature paper suggesting
> that the Universe is a dodecahedron, you'll find our
> paper ruling it out here. The point is that the
> dodecahedron model predics matched circles exactly
> opposite each other in the sky just like a bagel (but
> six pairs instead of one), which our paper ruled out.
> See also the more thorough upcoming circle paper by
> Spergel, Starkman and Cornish. Soccer enthusiasts will
> note that a soccer ball is made up of pentagons and
> hexagons and isn't a dodecahedron."
> "Angelica de Oliveira-Costa" <(E-Mail Removed)> writes"
> "... all toroidal universes (cubes and rectangles)
> are also ruled out..." Can the lack of symmetry in
> the COBE/DMR maps constrain the topology of the
> universe?
> [Was: Re: Corso & Skeptical Inquirer]
> Melek Tawus wrote:
>> Jack Sarfatti <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>> On Friday, October 17, 2003, at 11:03 AM, Ken Shoulders wrote:
>>> Jack
>>> Slight modification to the story.
>>> Somewhere around 1949 I met Otmar Stutzer (sp?), one of the German
>>> scientists brought over by the government after WWII, at Wright
>>> Field in
>>> Dayton, Ohio. ....

>> Brane Worlds, the Subanthropic Principle and the
>> Undetectability Conjecture by Beatriz Gato-Rivera
>> W. Strieber's latest on CIA MK-ULTRA,
>> Dr. Hubertus Strughold, Randolph Air Force Base [...]
>> "... This original group included Hubertus Strughold, M.D.,
>> Ph. D., who had been director of Aeromedical Research Inst.,
>> Berlin, Germany: Dr. Heinz Haber, who later became chief
>> science consultant for Walt Disney Productions; Dr. Fritz
>> Haber, who designed the sealed cabin for use at Randolph
>> AFB, and later was associated with Avco Manufacturing Corp.:
>> and Dr. Konrad Johannes Karl Buettner, a bioclimatologist
>> from Westendorf, Germany, who later was associated with the
>> Boeing Co. The group was joined subsequently by Dr. Hans
>> Georg Clamann, who became research physiologist at the
>> school, and by Dr. Siegfried Gerathewohl, who had been
>> chief of the Psychological Testing Center of the German Air
>> Force during World War II. Gerathewohl later joined NASA."
>> [...] and Dr. Krause | The Capture House
>> Saturday October 11th, 2003
>> The Search for the Manchurian Candidate
>> John Marks
>> 8. Brainwashing
>> ... The impotency of brainwashing techniques left the Agency
>> in a difficult spot when Yuri Nosenko defected to the United
>> States in February 1964. A ranking official of the Soviet KGB,
>> Nosenko brought with him stunning information. He said the
>> Russians had bugged the American embassy in Moscow, which
>> turned out to be true. He named some Russian agents in the
>> West. And he said that he had personally inspected the KGB
>> file of Lee Harvey Oswald, who only a few months earlier had
>> been murdered before he could be brought to trial for the
>> assassination of President Kennedy. Nosenko said he learned
>> that the KGB had had no interest in Oswald.
>> Was Nosenko telling the truth, or was he a KGB "plant"
>> sent to throw the United States off track about Oswald? Was
>> his information about penetration correct, or was Nosenko
>> himself the penetration? Was he acting in good faith? Were the
>> men within the CIA who believed he was acting in good faith
>> themselves acting in good faith? These and a thousand other
>> questions made up the classical trick deck for spies--each
>> card having "true" on one side and "false" on the other.
>> Top CIA officials felt a desperate need to resolve the
>> issue of Nosenko's legitimacy. With numerous Agency
>> counterintelligence operations hanging in the balance,
>> Richard Helms, first as Deputy Director and then as Director,
>> allowed CIA operators to work Nosenko over with the
>> interrogation method in which Helms apparently had the most
>> faith. It turned out to be not any truth serum or electroshock
>> depatterning program or anything else from the Agency's
>> brainwashing search.
>> Helms had Nosenko put through the tried-and-true Soviet
>> method: isolate the prisoner, deaden his senses, break him.
>> For more than three years--1,277 days, to be exact--Agency
>> officers kept Nosenko in solitary confinement. As if they
>> were using the Hinkle-Wolff study as their instruction manual
>> and the Cardinal Mindszenty case as their success story,
>> the CIA men had guards watch over Nosenko day and night,
>> giving him not a moment of privacy. A light bulb burned
>> continuously in his cell. He was allowed nothing to read--not
>> even the labels on toothpaste boxes. When he tried to distract
>> himself by making a chess set from pieces of lint in his cell,
>> the guards discovered his game and swept the area clean.
>> Nosenko had no window, and he was eventually put in a specially
>> built 12' X 12' steel bank vault.
>> Nosenko broke down. He hallucinated. He talked his head off
>> to his interrogators, who questioned him for 292 days, often
>> while they had him strapped into a lie detector. If he told the
>> truth, they did not believe him. While the Soviets and Chinese
>> had shown that they could make a man admit anything, the CIA
>> interrogators apparently lacked a clear idea of exactly what
>> they wanted Nosenko to confess. When it was all over and Richard
>> Helms ordered Nosenko freed after three and a half years of
>> illegal detention, some key Agency officers still believed he
>> was a KGB plant. Others thought he was on the level. Thus the big
>> questions remained unresolved, and to this day, CIA men--past and
>> present--are bitterly split over who Nosenko really is. ...
>> Dark Matter, Extra Dimensions Related And Possibly Detectable
>> May 19, 2003
>> A team of scientists that
>> includes a University of
>> Florida physicist has
>> suggested that two of the
>> biggest mysteries in
>> particle physics and
>> astrophysics -- the
>> existence of extra time
>> and space dimensions
>> and the composition of
>> an invisible cosmic
>> substance called dark matter -- may be connected.
>>> ... At that time he presented to me the data and German
>>> patents he had on his "Fieldster". By everything I know now or knew
>>> then, this was the forerunner of the FET. I suspect Shockley had
>>> heard
>>> about the gadget also and borrowed a little of it.

>> Kenneth R. Shoulders has received five US Patents
>> for his discovery and development High Density
>> Charge Cluster (HDCC) technology. Shoulders
>> describes the HDCC entity as "a relatively discrete,
>> self-contained, negatively charged, high density
>> state of matter... [a bundle of electrons that] appears
>> to be produced by the application of a high electrical
>> field between a cathode and an anode." He has
>> given it the name "Electrum Validum" (EV), meaning
>> "strong electron", from the Greek "elektron"
>> (electronic charge) and the Latin "valere"
>> (to be strong, having power to unite).
>> [...]
>> High-density charge clusters (HDCC) were first discovered by
>> Kenneth Shoulders with the first patent issued in May, 1991 [4].
>> This new technology is more fully explained in a book written by
>> Kenneth Shoulders prior to the submission of the first patent
>> application [5]. Since then, four more patents have issued. The
>> first patent states, "An EV (HDCC) passing along a traveling
>> wave device, for example, may be both absorbing and emitting
>> electrons. In this way, the EV may be considered as being
>> continually formed as it propagates. In any event, energy is
>> provided to the traveling wave output conductor, and the ultimate
>> source of this energy appears to be the zero-point radiation of
>> the vacuum continuum. An EV, as a coupling device to zero-point
>> energy, operates as an energy conversion mechanism whereby high
>> frequency zero-point energy of the vacuum continuum is converted
>> to lower frequency energy, captured as electrical output energy
>> by the traveling wave conductor ...".
>> Kenneth R. Shoulders, "Energy Conversion Using High
>> Charge Density," U.S. Patent 5,018,180, issued May 21, 1991.
>> Kenneth Shoulders, "Energy Conversion Using High
>> Charge Density", U.S. Patent 5,018,180, issued May 21, 1991.
>> See also, Kenneth R. Shoulders, EV, A Tale of Discovery,
>> c1987, published and available from the author,
>> P.O. Box 243, Bodega, CA 94922-0243.
>> JS:
>>> Very interesting! Thanks.
>>> I am not "promoting" Phil Corso's story as Robert Sheaffer falsely
>>> alleged in the Sept/Oct 2003 Letters of Skeptical Inquirer.

>> James Oberg <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
>> [Excerpt]
>> The least said about 'Colonel' Corso and his embarrassing ravings,
>> the
>> better - except that 'Out of the Blue' is out of step with mainstream
>> UFOlogy in giving his stories any credibility at all. Corso has long
>> since been shot down by many. Here is an interesting review:
>> and another:
>> [<>]
>> JS:
>>> My position on this is spelled out in my book "Destiny Matrix".
>>> I will make this even clearer in my third book of the past year
>>> "Star Gate Universe" sub-title "Making Star Trek Real: Episode III
>>> of
>>> Space-Time and Beyond"
>>> I decided not to try to re-edit "Destiny Matrix". The file is too
>>> huge
>>> with image files and Word is too unforgiving in making changes to
>>> indexes, footnotes, etc, the prospect too daunting. I will leave it
>>> as
>>> it is for posterity including misprints and too rushed organization.

>> Scientists say universe may be soccer-ball shaped
>> More about the 2MASS Project
>>> "Star Gate Universe" will be a fresh beginning with all the amazing
>>> new
>>> discoveries of the past few months from WMAP & Type Ia supernovae to
>>> Luminet & Weeks' et-al's "Dodecahedral Universe" etc.

>> Neuroblast Wormhole Behaviorism, a.k.a.
>> "The Portal", to Dodecahedron Head
>>> What is The Question?
>>> What is the important point here?
>>> UFOs are a useful gedankenexperiment for the theoretical physicist
>>> today
>>> in The Age of Dark Energy.
>>> Whether or not they are real is not what is really important in
>>> terms of
>>> our World Vision for culture in general, though it is important in
>>> the
>>> context of national security, the WMD problem etc since harnessing
>>> the
>>> dark energy makes nuclear weapons small in comparison as Sir Martin
>>> Rees
>>> makes clear in Ch 9 of "Our Final Hour". We see WMD in the sky in
>>> our
>>> violent universe.
>>> Much of what Corso says seems silly and preposterous on the
>>> surface. One
>>> cannot take him literally when he starts talking "electromagnetic
>>> physics" and trying to explain what he alleges he saw. He is no
>>> physicist, and even physicists of the day in the 40's, 50's, 60's
>>> were
>>> not conceptually equipped to deal with the UFO physics.
>>> A few things Corso did say ring true and fit my own independent
>>> adventures in the high strangeness of UFOs - see Erik Davis's "Tech
>>> Gnosis" for a good orientation.
>>> What I find interesting in Corso's story are:
>>> 1. Flying saucers come from our future i.e. time travel to the past.
>>> 2. Saucers are almost empty inside i.e. nanotechnology metric
>>> engineering of the physical vacuum.
>>> 3. Saucers are controlled mentally by thought. No big deal today
>>> with
>>> the recent demonstrations of monkeys playing a video game directly
>>> by
>>> their thoughts (EM brain waves as the IT to the macro-quantum BIT
>>> pilot
>>> wave) bypassing the joystick.
>>> 4. The Grays are bio-engineered robots with AI.
>>> Ken
>>> Jack Sarfatti wrote:
>>> Thanks for the info.
>>> On Friday, October 17, 2003, at 04:28 AM, Removed) wrote:
>>> Jack,
>>> I spoke with Col. Michael Buckley, USA (ret), in June 2003.
>>> He was 101 years old in May. After WWII he held positions
>>> like Corso - Aide to MacArthur and in Foreign Technology
>>> Assessment (I forget which order). He knew nothing of UFO's,
>>> but remembered German Circular Wind Aircraft Plans ...
>>> The Official Bell Labs story for the transistor goes like this:
>>> Shockley had the Idea of the Field Effect Transistor.
>>> He got two subordinates to help him. Very inconclusive
>>> experimental results were obtained. While Shockley was
>>> away, the subordinates (I believe Bardeen was one of them),
>>> they had the idea of the Point Contact (like 'cat's whisker'
>>> on a galenium - Pbs - crystal, long used as a 'detector' =
>>> diode - since 1920's at least - for Radio Reception
>>> - and when they tried it, IT WORKED WELL, fairly consistently.
>>> When Shockley came back and found the mice had been playing
>>> he took control, and steered toward the junction transistor.
>>> Only LATER would the FET be made real.
>>> The Official 'History' SOUNDS RIGHT, as Cu-CuOxide Rectifier
>>> piles had been used since the early 1900's, and the cat's whisker
>>> phosphore bronze to PbS crystal cleave surface (Point Contact)
>>> had also been around for decades by 1947.
>>> THAT does NOT mean no crash occurred and no information was
>>> acquiired (which could have SPURRED transistor research).
>>> Gary, (E-Mail Removed)

>> [...]
>> Without telling Shockley about the changes
>> they were making to the investigation,
>> Bardeen and Brattain worked on.
>> On December 16, 1947, they built the
>> point-contact transistor, made from strips of
>> gold foil on a plastic triangle, pushed down
>> into contact with a slab of germanium.
>> When Bardeen and Brattain called Shockley
>> to tell him of the invention, Shockley was
>> both pleased at the group's results and
>> furious that he had not been directly involved.
>> He decided that to preserve his standing,
>> he would have to do Bardeen and Brattain
>> one better.
>> His device, the junction (sandwich) transistor,
>> was developed in a burst of creativity and
>> anger, mostly in a hotel room in Chicago.
>> It took him a total of four weeks of working
>> pen on paper, although it took another two
>> years before he could actually build one.
>> His device was more rugged and more
>> practical than Bardeen and Brattain's
>> point-contact transistor, and much easier to
>> manufacture. It became the central artifact of
>> the electronic age. Author Michael Riordan
>> says Bardeen and Brattain got "pushed
>> aside." That insult broke the team apart,
>> turning a once cooperative environment
>> into one that was highly competitive.
>> [...]
>> Meanwhile...
>> Depleted Uranium at War
>> "... In the 1950's the United States Department of
>> Defense became interested in using depleted
>> uranium metal in weapons because of its extremely
>> dense, pyrophoric qualities and because it was
>> cheap and available in huge quantities. It is now
>> given practically free of charge to the military and
>> arms manufacturers and is used both as tank
>> armour, and in armour-piercing shells known as
>> depleted uranium penetrators.
>> Over 15 countries are known to have depleted
>> uranium weapons in their militaray arsenals - UK,
>> US, France, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Saudi
>> Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Pakistan,
>> Thailand, Iraq and Taiwan - with depleted
>> uranium rapidly spreading to other countries..."
>> [~][^][~]
>> "DU is very dense so is also used as a counter-balance for
>> large commercial aircraft including the Boeing 747,
>> military aircraft such as the Harrier, and in yacht keels."
>> [...]
>> "The armour design modification to the M1A1 incorporates
>> steel-encased depleted uranium which is two and a half
>> times the density of steel and is already used in a broad
>> spectrum of civilian applications. Sealed within the tank,
>> depleted uranium has a very low level of natural radiation
>> which is within the acceptable range established by the US
>> Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Currently, versions of the
>> M1A2 tank also contain DU armour." [...]
>> [~][^][~]
>> "The M1A1 tank incorporates steel encased depleted uranium
>> armour. Armour bulkheads separate the crew compartment
>> from the fuel tanks. The top panels of the tank are designed to
>> blow outwards in the event of penetration by a HEAT projectile.
>> The tank is protected against nuclear, biological and chemical
>> (NBC) warfare.
>> [~][^][~]
>> Depleted Uranium: A by-product of uranium
>> enrichment, the most common chemical form
>> of which is depleted uranium hexafluoride
>> (DUF6). Natural uranium is composed of
>> three isotopes: uranium-238 (99.284 percent);
>> uranium-235 (0.711 percent); and uranium-234
>> (0.005 percent), all of which are
>> radioactive. The purpose of uranium
>> enrichment is to concentrate uranium-235,
>> the fissile isotope, in one stream.
>> The other stream which is low in uranium-235,
>> is called "depleted uranium," which contains
>> about 0.2 to 0.3 percent uranium-235.
>> Excerpt from: "IEER: Comments on DOE Notice of Intent
>> on Management and Use of Depleted Uranium
>> Hexafluoride" [January 25, 1996]
>> [...]
>> A. Properties of Depleted Uranium
>> 1. Specific Activity The radioactivity per unit weight (called
>> specific activity) of depleted uranium metal is dominated by its
>> principal constituent, uranium-238. It also depends somewhat on the
>> exact extent to which uranium-235, and hence also uranium-234, have
>> been separated and passed into the enriched uranium stream. It may
>> vary from about 360 nanocuries/gram to about 450 nanocuries/gram.
>> Even assuming that only uranium-238 remains, the specific activity
>> would be still about 340 nanocuries/gram which is 3.4 times higher
>> than that defining transuranic waste.
>> The specific activity of other chemical forms is somewhat lower than
>> for uranium metal, because when radioactive uranium is chemically
>> bound with non-radioactive isotopes of elements like oxygen and
>> fluorine, its specific activity is correspondingly lower. [...]
>> [~][^][~]
>> Bibliography: Military Use of Depleted Uranium (DU)
>> WISE Uranium Project:
>> [~][^][~]
>> Worth repeating:
>> "DU is very dense so is also used as a counter-balance for
>> large commercial aircraft including the Boeing 747,
>> military aircraft such as the Harrier, and in yacht keels."
>> [~][^][~]
>> Iraqi Cancers, Birth Defects Blamed on U.S. Depleted Uranium
>> By Larry Johnson Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Foreign Desk Editor
>> [...]
>> Al-Ali said it defies logic to absolve DU of blame
>> when veterans of the Gulf War and of the fighting
>> in the Balkans share common illnesses with
>> children in southern Iraq.
>> "The cause of all of these cancers and deformities
>> remains theoretical because we can't confirm the
>> presence of uranium in tissue or urine with the
>> equipment we have," said Al-Ali. "And because of
>> the sanctions, we can't get the equipment we need."
>> This is also available at:
>> For more information:
>> The National Gulf War Resource Center, Inc.
>> This page is intended to provide information to
>> Gulf War veterans concerned with exposure to DU
>> during our service in the Gulf War. This is a very
>> comprehensive resource.
>> Uranium Medical Research Centre
>> Pictures and news article of deformities in children
>> in Iraq related to DU exposure
>> n a n o t u b es . . .
>> A New Alternative To DU?!
>> Going Up
>> Self-assembling nanotubes bring the
>> impossible dream of space elevators
>> down to Earth.
>> Illustrations by Paul DiMare
>> "... With the discovery of carbon nanotubes and their remarkable
>> strength properties, the time for the space elevator is at hand,"
>> said Bryan Laubscher of Space Instrumentation and System
>> Engineering (NIS-4).
>> "The promise of inexpensive access to space is so important
>> to the human race that we are ready to meet these challenges
>> head on. Viewed in one way, the space elevator will be the
>> largest civil engineering project ever attempted,"
>> Laubscher said. [...]
>> Crawling to space:
>> One idea that has energized the space-elevator community involves
>> using cargo-carrying "crawlers" that climb and descend along
>> paper-thin ribbons made from carbon nanotubes, anchored to ocean
>> platforms located along the equator. Reaching altitudes of some
>> 62,000 miles, the ribbons would be held taut directly over the same
>> spot on Earth by distant counterweights flung outward in response to
>> Earth's rotation. The crawlers would run on electricity generated by
>> solar cells whose light came from powerful ground-based lasers.
>> Payloads could be released at a range of orbits, while at the far
>> end of the ribbon, they could be released to leave Earth orbit
>> without any additional propulsion.
>> The concept, developed by Bradley Edwards, a researcher at the
>> Institute for Scientific Research in Fairmont, W. Va., formed the
>> centerpiece of an international space-elevator conference at the Los
>> Alamos National Laboratory last month.
>> "... [N]ew work in China that suggests carbon nanotubes
>> can be fused together, without need of a matrix material."
>> [...]
>> _/-_/-_/-_/ - - -~o0-O-0o~- - - \_-\_-\_-\_
>> Space Elevator, Nanotubes
>> _/-_/-_/-_/ - - -~o0-O-0o~- - - \_-\_-\_-\_
>> Aumakua _ Uhane _ Unihipili
>> Electromagnetic Mind Field
>> _/-_/-_/-_/ - - -~o0-O-0o~- - - \_-\_-\_-\_
>>>> Committee for Surrealist Investigation of Claims of the Normal
>>>> [ CSICON ]

>> ((({<snip>})))
>> <> C O N T A C T
>> <>
>> Uppaluri Gopala Krishnamurti (Born 9 July 191
>> KA:
>> Brainwave Frequency Listing
>> [...] "Farmer Dale Mark doesn't buy theories aliens from
>> outer space left the geometric designs etched into his
>> soybean field. Mark thinks it was the work of pranksters,
>> and he wants them to pay him $1,200 for the damaged beans
>> he can't harvest. He said he has no insurance to cover the
>> loss. 'I think it's people who've done it, myself,' Mark
>> said. 'I really don't believe in aliens.' He says he's
>> waiting to see whether anyone comes forward before filing
>> a report with the sheriff's office. "I'd just like to find
>> out who it is. I don't want them to do it again.' [...]"
>> There are three major subatomic particles.
>> a. Electrons, e^1-
>> b. Protons, p^1+
>> c. Neutrons, n^o
>> "The three flavors of quarks--up, down and strange--would
>> also come in three different colors--red, white, and blue.
>> [...] Murray [Gell-Mann] picked the arbitrary labels in honor
>> of the French flag. [...] The metaphor seemed even more elegant
>> after Murray's colors were replaced with the labels that
>> came to predominate, the primary colors of light: red, green,
>> and blue. On a TV screen, the three mixed to form colorless
>> 'white' light." STRANGE BEAUTY, Murray Gell-Mann and the
>> Revolution in Twentieth-Century Physics by George Johnson
>> 1999 ISBN0-679-75688-4
>> "In the 19th century, Mendeleev's classification of the known
>> chemical elements led to the prediction of the existence and
>> some of the properties of new elements, and was later explained
>> by the electron-nucleus structure of atoms. Similarly the
>> structure of the eightfold way predicted the existence of new
>> particles; in particular one named Omega, with strangeness -3.
>> This could only decay relatively slowly by the weak interaction
>> and hence would leave a track in a bubble chamber. Its discovery
>> at Brookhaven was a triumph of the theory, whose underlying group
>> structure suggested the idea of quarks, peculiar hypothetical
>> objects with fractional charge. In 1969, at the age of 40,
>> [Murray] Gell-Mann was awarded the Nobel Prize for his
>> contributions to the classification of elementary particles and
>> their interactions." --P Kalmus
>> Another Soybean Formation Near Seip Mound in Ohio
>> Sir Real's Underground Comix Classix
>> Disingenuous Demagogues Deteriorate Daily
>> All Politicians are Demagogues, yet not all
>> Demagogues are Politicians...
>> Hello! What a universe!
>> _/-_/-_/-_/ - - -~o0-O-0o~- - - \_-\_-\_-\_
>> "T. Casey Brennan" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> Or: How I Became A REAL Hippie Guru!
>> by
>> T. Casey Brennan
>> Copyright 2003 by T. Casey Brennan
>> CLICK--->
>> "Hilarious, terrifying & brilliant.
>> One of TCB's absolute best!"
>> "I laughed... I cried...
>> I excommunicated my DNA!"
>> --MT-18_October_2003CE
>> ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~
>> Sagittarius assimilated by Milky Way:
>> "Resistence Is Futile!"
>> ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~



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