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Saving attachments in OE6

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A hairy quadruped, furnished with a tail & pointed ears, probably
arboreal in it's habits: Harrison stated for the record...
> Found this on Google Groups
> The new OE6 SP1 Cumulative Update fixes some longstanding bugs in
> OE....
> One bug this patch was designed to correct, is the annoying fact that
> OE
> always defaults to My Documents when you save an attachment.
> Unfortunately
> the patch itself has a bug that prevents the new fix from working. The
> user-selected path for attachments is indeed written to the registry,
> but
> the final character in the path name is dropped, which means it won't
> work.
> Since the path stored at that point is not a valid path, OE dutifully
> defaults to, you guessed it, My Documents. Microsoft are aware of this
> problem (and probably more than a little embarrassed by it).
> To confirm the path is correct in your registry, goto
> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities\{GUID}\Software\Micro soft\Outlook
> Express\5.0
> in the value "Save Attachment" check to see that the proper path is
> entered
> (where your GUID is for the identity that you are logged into)

Thanks, I'll look into it tomorrow..!

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On Thu, 2 Oct 2003 21:00:17 +0100, in
<Zp%eb.323$(E-Mail Removed)>
slylittlei scrawled:

>A hairy quadruped, furnished with a tail & pointed ears, probably
>arboreal in it's habits: °Mike° stated for the record...
>> See:

>Thanks Mike, I'll check it out.

You're welcome.

Basic computer maintenance
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