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wheres my alias

Nigel Springer
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alias is Removed) ????????????????

I am (E-Mail Removed)

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Nigel Springer wrote:

> alias is forster@[snipped] ????????????????
> I am springer@[snipped]

If you mean for your *news* account; you have to enter that as your
email address.
Tools > Accounts > News; double click the account name, and change the
address. Or 'Add' a second account with the alias name, and the same
details for the server connection.
You should 'munge' the address to avoid having it harvested by
spammers, and used to send you junk mail (and viruses).
If you mean *mail*; if it's a valid (with your ISP) address; set up
an account under the 'Mail' tab with it. Same details as your other
account except for the address, and possibly, the 'Display Name'.
"But do *not* publish either in a public newsgroup!"

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