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Network Problem

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Hi I have a home network of 2 computers and a laptop

For some reason one of the computers' network card seems to have stopped
working in Windows 98SE.

The computer is a dual boot computer and the NIC works ok in Windows XP Pro.
However it will not work when the computer is booted in Windows 98SE. I can
ping the computer's ip number and I get a response but if I ping any of the
other computers I get the network cannot connect message. I removed the card
from Properties and re installed the driver but it made no difference. The
NIC is built in to the motherboard so I cannot physically remove it. All the
settings seem to be as before but it just does not see any other computer.
Any ideas what could be wrong?

The computer has more than one user and suffers from the "it wasn't me
I never touched it etc. syndrome"


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> NIC is built in to the motherboard so I cannot physically remove it. All

> settings seem to be as before but it just does not see any other computer.

Have had similar problems with Asus A7N266 with ob NIC. They work just great
in XP and Mandrake 9.1but Win 98 nope!
Usually put a NIC in a PCI slot and forget the OB one. Not the right answer
but a pracitcal one.


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Hi I know I could put in another NIC

BUT it worked up until yesterday and it had been working for 6 months before

The motherboard is an MSI 6738. New drivers were downloaded for Windows XP
Pro as Live update was used by someone. Normally the computer is booted in
Win 98 but it was in Win XP and then connected to the internet where it was
suggested that it needed new drivers. I can only assume (I never did
anything syndrome) that the Win XP Pro drivers were run in Win 98. However
as I said all the drivers were un-installed in Win 98 along with the card
then re installed. One thing I did notice is that now when the computer is
switched off that the light in the Netgear hub is still showing. Usually
when the computer is off so is the light. And that does not explain why it
still works in Windows XP Pro


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