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Monitor Power Saving Standby

Matthew Lancaster
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Hello people

Can You help I need a program that I can run to bring my monitor out of
energy saving mode as info is displayed to my screen at random times and I
need to see it the instant is arrives

I used to reset the mouse in dos but it doesn't work in win2000 or 98

If anyone can help I would be able to reduce the amount of time my monitor
is on even further at moment it set to 30mins but it could be set a lot less
if I had a program or better still the interrupt to execute all this would
help me cause less pollution in world that has to much anyway

And I promise a reward to be thrown in in return..

I scanned the visual Basic help files found nothing

Please Email replies to Removed) I cant possibly
poll a news group of this magnitude on landline dialup although I do

Thanks in advance for help......

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On Thu, 11 Sep 2003 22:01:50 +0000 (UTC), in
<bjqrcd$8h9$(E-Mail Removed)>
Matthew Lancaster scrawled:


>Please Email replies to (E-Mail Removed) I cant possibly
>poll a news group of this magnitude on landline dialup although I do

Yeah, right!

>Thanks in advance for help......

You're welcome.

Basic computer maintenance
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