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Abit IC7 NB Cooler Vs Zalman ZM-NB32J

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After less than a month of usage, my Abit IC7's Northbridge cooler is making
some funky sounds at start-up, whining for about a minute and generally
suggesting that failure and a potentially toasted Northbridge aint too far
away. Accordingly, I was considering using one of the passive Zalman
ZM-NB32J's as a replacement. I'm very keen on getting rid of the stock
cooler's 6000 rpm fan, and some reviews I've read suggest it's passive
performance is excellent, but I'm yet to see how it rates on a 200+ fsb. I'm
currently running on 267fsb, and was wondering if anyone's seen any head to
head ratings on how it compares to stock Northbridge coolers on the IC7 or
other i865 or i875 chipset boards. Likewise, is anyone else using this
cooler, and if so, how have you found it?

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Go to the Abit fora where you'll find that you can fit the Zalman cooler to
your NB chip. You'll also find instructions, pictures and discussion. Type
Zalman into the fora search and you'll get there.
You might also consider the Thermaltake Tiger heatsink/fan which fits
directly on to the IC7 without modification.

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