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Re: finding the modem manufacturer for an IBM PC

Ray Stankewitz
Posts: n/a
On Sat, 02 Aug 2003 03:13:49 +0100, anthonyberet hacked out this line:

> Hello, I have had to format an old PC as windows explorer kept crashing.
> However, I now have a problem. I have installed win98se, but it wont install
> the appropriate driver for the modem from the windows CD. -it says the
> correct driver can't be found.
> I would normally look at the internal modem to find the manufacturer and
> then get the driver from the net, however, the old PC has a lockable case
> and I don't have the key...
> Does anyone know how I might find the appropriate modem-driver for this old
> PC?
> It is an IBM 330 Model 9GU Type 6577 -very old as I said, it only has 32mb
> RAM and a 166mhz Pentium....
> -The PC is pretty rubbish of course, but I want to fix it to help a friend
> out with it.
> Any help gratefully received.

Just a thought....
Try using the machine you posted on, download Aida 32 personal and it will
diagnose the mfg. of the modem. You may have to use Winzip to span a few
floppies to xfer the program to the old one.


Grandpa Ray
RedHat ver. 9
Code Name "Shrike"
"Keyboard not found - Press F1 to continue"

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