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Re: That's Cooking!

Baron Von Reeve
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You mean the era before those rotten video games. The days of jello 1-2-3 and
the pinto car which some of the mere commoners drove.

John Smith wrote:

> Whatever happened to the good old days? What ever happened to cottage
> cheese lime jello that many of us had at the ubiquitous church or community
> pot-luck dinner? What about the casseroles that you grew up on as a kid?
> What about the special cookies, pies and cakes that your mother and
> grandmothers made for you?
> Does a home made lemon meringue pie sound good? How about home made pinto
> beans? How about home made potato lefse (Scandinavian - similar to flour
> tortillas)? How about home made German sweet/sour cabbage, spaetzle and
> beef roulade?
> How about a home made cinnamon-nut muffin titled "Char's Muffins", served
> warm from the oven with plenty of butter, that simply has no competition?
> What about the rice krispies/marshmallow bars that are now available in the
> candy aisle of every grocery store and convenience store? Those things were
> developed with a grass roots following across the country by our mothers and
> our friend's mothers in the 1970's, not the candy company. They are
> supposed to be home made, not store bought (believe it or not, home made
> ones are actually less-sweet).
> I wanted to present a cookbook that reflected the tastes of my youth in what
> was considered in the 1970's to be hearty and healthy (well, maybe not
> healthy, but certainly mainstream). This collection of more than 200
> recipes is from my mother and it is literally the recipe file that she
> compiled over 40 plus years of marriage and 65 plus years of experience.
> There are more than 200 recipes in this book which cover the topics of
> breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks, ethnic cuisine from Scandinavia,
> Germany and Mexico, food preservation (canning), dill pickles and home made
> "Finnish cheese". This book is full of memories and new ideas for you to
> try in your home. I hope you enjoy it and that you get some new ideas from
> it.
> For your copy, send $10.00 check to:
> Americana Cookbook
> Swefinger Enterprises
> 1150 N. Loop 1604 West, Suite 108-277
> San Antonio, TX 78248
> Swefinger Enterprises is registered in Bexar County (San Antonio) Texas

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Posts: n/a
Baron Von Reeve wrote:

> You mean the era before

Well, *that* was even dumber than your usual, 'Tommy'.

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