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Re: Internet connect speed

Brian H
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taywood said:

> I have 56kdialup and have a personal reason for not wanting Broadband.
> Over a year PCPitStop has tested the PC and each time found V Slow
> connect speed using as my ISP. I have tried tweaks and
> fixes without showing much improvement.
> I now have Freeuk as a standby ISP for emailing when Onetel is down.
> Just done a series of Download comparisons over a day and using the
> same PC and setup, with tests seconds apart, Onetel is 11 to 22 and
> Freeuk is consistently 40 to 45.
> Is this difference reasonable?

Does it look reasonable to you?

> Onetel is a big player and Freeuk is smaller with presumably less
> traffic but is there something else I should be looking at and
> questioning.
> The results of a Full Test comparison were the same but CPU load using
> Onetel was 3% but 6% when using Freeuk. Is this significant?
> Any advice would be welcomed BUT dont tell me to go to Broadband.
> Thanks

You can test your pc 10 consecutive times and results could be different each

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