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Re: Flickering screen + crazy cursor?

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Uninstall the screensaver. Do NOT trust just AVG for your
antivirus needs.

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eZ Antivirus (Computer Associates)

Vet (Computer Associates)



Trojan Defence Suite

Trojan Hunter

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*** Clean your system - see my sig.

On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 21:44:13 +0100, in
<oIXTa.6909$(E-Mail Removed)>
eugene scrawled:

>My son was on-line the other night and the only thing I know he downloaded
>was a screensaver. However, since then Ive been experiencing seriously
>irritating problems. When I start up, my screen flickers for about 15 mins
>or so and my cursor jumps all over the screen. I keep getng disconnected and
>now, tonight, as I write this, I hear a crackle occasionally which signifies
>some sort of outage as whatever I was writing has missed letters (as in
>getting in the above line). I suspected a virus but did an update and
>complete scan using AVG 6.0 yet nothing showed up. Every time I perform an
>action, should it be to close a page or even minimise one, and especially
>when I save something, everything freezes for up to a minute and there is no
>response from my mouse or any key. This is seriously annoying as I'm sure
>you can imagine. The only other noticeable fault is that my clock has gone a
>little off. Anybody got any ideas what could be wrong?

Basic computer maintenance
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