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Re: What's making my 3.5" floppydrive rattle?

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Is your virus scanner set to check floppy drives?

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003 01:07:27 GMT, in
<(E-Mail Removed)>
Jeff Wisnia scrawled:

>For the past few days my WIN98 computer's (empty) 3.5" floppy drive has
>rattled for several seconds like some program is trying to access a disk
>in it. This occurs about once every half hour, when I'm not using the
>computer and I don't have any user programs open, just a screen saver
>and whatever else is running in the background, and I do have a DSL
>connection open.
>This started happening "all by itself" and has me puzzled. I've never
>had any of the other computers I use act like this, and it can't be
>doing the floppy drive any good.
>What should I look for to locate what's making this happen and stop it.
>Thanks guys,

Basic computer maintenance
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