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Re: help please

Ieuan Adams
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"natellie1" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:bfp9dg$9bc$(E-Mail Removed)...
> I am running XP and want to edit and record to CD from my ananlogue video
> camera . I have been told i can record mpg on to CD and play it on my DVD
> player is this true , and where can i download F O C the programs?devices

I'm no expect here but I'd have thought you'd have needed a card (graphics)
which can accept an analogue video signal. This should (might) come with
software which can record this signal onto the hard disc as likely mpeg
format or maybe mpeg2 format. A CD-ROM burner will be able to burn this
movie onto a CD and a DVD player should be able to play either format
although you cannot fit very much mpeg2 onto a CD (about 30 minutes I
think). Companies such as ATI or Matrox produce such graphics as reasonable
prices although there are plenty of other companies. I don't know of any web
sites in particular but a search for things like "connecting Video to
computer" should turn up some helpful sites, maybe photography magazines or
video camera magazines in a local newsagent might have more.
I hope some of this points you in the right direction,

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