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Re: Website connection problems

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Check that you haven't got the two problem sites blocked in
your hosts file.

On Tue, 22 Jul 2003 20:30:20 +0100, in
<(E-Mail Removed)>
buttercuphead scrawled:

>We run three PC'c on a home network. Windows XP. Generally
>everything is Ok on my PC which has the modem attaced to it,
>but the other two PC's cannot connect to two certain websites.
>It is not a case where one can connect and the other can't.
>Neither of the other two PC's can connect.
>Google home page
> I connect no problem, but the other two PC's cannot get this
>page at all. It comes up with the usual "site not available message"
>The same thing happens with another site we visit daily.(The
>official Everton FC homepage. No jokes please) Again, i can
>connect but the other two cannot.
>This has gone on for weeks now. Nothing has been installed
>on the PC's in that time.
>We run Norton AV and Firewall. The sites are not blocked by
>them.(Uninstalled No luck either).
>Have tried entering the sites in the trusted Zones, but no luck.
>There are no problems with any other sites on any of the three
>Has anyone got any idea why this should suddenly have happened?.
>Help / advise appreciated

Basic computer maintenance
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