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Re: NTL Broadband

Colin Bearfield
Posts: n/a
I just wanted to say that I did get a Linksys router for Christmas and
I've never regretted it.

Best wishes


On Mon, 30 Dec 2002 22:47:53 GMT, why?
<fgrirp*sgc@VAINY!Qznq.fpvragvfg.pbz> wrote:

>On Mon, 30 Dec 2002 21:39:50 -0000, The Enigma wrote:
>>I have many computers that i want to connect to the net but unable, why? I
>>have a 5 port switch with the uplink port connected to my cable box. I have

>Get a router (most are 4 ports) it's far easier and use and the switch
>is connected to the router for the remaining PCs.
>You can't / should not be able to connect the switch to the CM.
>Something IIRC with NTL has to bee seen as the MAC address of the
>registered NIC. This can either be the registered NIC or a router
>spoofing (pretending) to be the registered NIC.
>>tried using two network cards, doesn't work. The only thing i haven't tried

>It does. One NIC the registered one is connected to the CM, the other
>NIC is connected to the switch and that PC runs connection sharing
>software Wingate / Sygate sort of thing (even a hub off the 2nd NIC
>works with sharing software)
>>is a router. Can i setup windows 2000 server to act as a router?

>Yes, but that PC would have to be on all the time for the connection to
>work even for 1 other PC to connect.. Get a router (most are 4 ports,
>there were some 1 port , since you have 5 port switch) it's far easier
>and use the switch connected to the router for the remaining PCs. The
>router is connected to the CM and stays on all the time while the PCs
>on/off as needed.
>NTL user forums
>NTL try FAQs
>NTL info
>Windows Networking
>Networking Links

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