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Re: Slow System?

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Start here: Basic computer maintenance

Post back if that doesn't help.

On Mon, 21 Jul 2003 20:40:27 GMT, in
<%cYSa.65946$(E-Mail Removed)>
DeSoto Driver scrawled:

>My powersuply 250w died suddenly replaced it with a 300w, system
>now works but is super slow, ran scan disk on it & it took over 10
>hours & it found no errors,went to defrag & it wont let me, it says
>there are errors on the disk & to run scan disk. System is a P2 500
>amd cpu running Win Me w/256 mb memory. Hope someone has some ideas
>as to what happened. The PS was dead when I tried to turn it on it
>didnt die while it was running. TIA

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