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Re: lost all sound in p.c.

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Have you physically checked that your speakers are still
functioning properly?

On Sun, 20 Jul 2003 21:20:10 -0500, in
<bffiob$3bh$(E-Mail Removed)>
Carol Lee Radford scrawled:

>I have lost all the sound on my p.c; .mail notifying, ICW
>(internet call waiting) Windows theme
>song when I boot up...what gives? what happened? the speaker
>on task bar has the volume all the up...
>I was trying the other day to get my microphone to work and
>plugged it in several times, heard a crackle sound.
>I guess that must be the last sound from my speakers...Sound
>card? where do I find that? Would appreciate
>a little advice time? or can I find it myself.?..
>Thank you for any help.... C. L.

Basic computer maintenance
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