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Re: Idiots guide to RAID?

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"Fredrick" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> The typical promise RAID supports striping (1) and mirroring (2), no
> RAID 3 & 5.
> It is best to use identical drives (size, manufacturer, specs, etc.),
> for striping. You can add a new larger drive to an existing smaller
> drive for mirroring. I prefer striping for increased OS performance but
> I always have a drive image handy for disaster recovery.
> After the drives are physically installed, you typically enable the
> controller and select RAID in the main Bios, then reboot and run the
> Promise build bios to configure the array.
> I think it is best to use two drives & two cables, both set as a primary
> masters rather than a PM/PS, in terms of performance.
> The controller will detect properly installed drives during boot an
> identify which key(s) to hit to run the RAID bios - it is easy from this
> point - just select the configuration for the array.
> If this works, remember to set the Promise controller to Primary Master
> in the MB bios if this nis going to be your OS drive...
> Also, with striping, your OS will probably not have the driver installed
> so if you transfer your old OS to the new array, it will not load. You
> can usually avoid the reinstall if you set the array first, let windows
> detect the array, install the driver, image the partition, switch the
> array to boot and then transfer the image with the driver to the new
> boot/OS drive.
> see these links:
> + the install guides on the manufactures web site
> TC
> Hi - Adopt Me! wrote:
> > At the moment, I've got more hard drives than sense and am looking to

> > some of them to work using my motherboard's built-in RAID connectors.
> >
> > I know a bare minimum about how RAID works, but was looking to setup a

> > 0+1 array using two of the drives to offer performance and data

> > albeit at the cost of 50% of the available space. This seems a fair
> > trade-off given my excess of ignored drives at the moment.
> >
> > Hard part is where to begin. Which drives are most suitable? Must they

> > the exact same size and from the same manufacturer? Are RAID 3 & 5

> > from my Promise controller? Is there a website that can answer these
> > questions? And where have I left my Iwill KK266 owner's manual?
> >
> > Answers to any of the above questions appreciated.
> >
> >


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