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Re: Can you melp me with this abit motherboard
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"B coivrick" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
news:zs4Qa.40287$(E-Mail Removed). net:

> Ok I have a ABIT Bf6 motherboard with a PIII 1000 for over a year.
> Everthing worked fine. Now nothing was added new or changed.
> Just one day it did not boot, would not post. Just a black screen.
> So I tested all the memory in my other computer,
> a BE6.
> All the memory was fine I put a cel 300 in the BF6 and it booted and
> posted fine. So I thought it was the CPU. I got a RMA # and was ready
> to pack it up to send for a new one.
> BUT I thought let me do a test and put the PIII 1000 in the ABIT BE6
> to see it
> it would work. I did not think it would.
> Well it did work, it booted right up and went right into windows.
> So I thought well its not bad after all.
> So I put it back into the BF6 and still it will not boot or post. yet
> a Cel 300
> will
> Now I dont understand this why would this not work in the BF6 the same
> motherboard it has been working in fine for the last year.
> But work fine in the BE6.
> I am going back and forth trying to get it to work. it workd in one
> but nopt the other one.
> I thought that maybe the motherboard (bf6) was bad but if the cel 300
> works fine.
> Can any one help me with this.
> You can even email me if you like at Removed)
> <(E-Mail Removed)>
> Thanks
> Anna

Check for blown capacitors. The A-Bits are known for blowing them.

Most noteably is the A-BIT SE6. Every single SE6 MB I've ever seen has
multiple blown capacitors.

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