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Re: Newsgroup etiquette

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A hairy quadruped, furnished with a tail & pointed ears, probably
arboreal in it's habits: peace to all stated for the record...
> Who does one complain to about terroristic threats being made in a
> newsgroup, if the person's ISP drags their feet or chooses to ignore
> your e-mail to them with the details?
> In other words, who else can you contact about it?
> There is a sociopath on the loose in an NG that needs to be reeled
> in. Kill filing isn't enough.

I'm pretty new to this /myself/, but it seems to me the best you can do
(apart from an abuse report if you consider it justified) is to consign them
to the Hell of everlasting Damnation that is your *bin* - If enough people
do that, as they surely will, if the poster you refer to is that bad,
they'll eventually get fed up & bugger off...
Myself, I worry more about the sociopaths in the /real/ world...

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