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Re: IP address?

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JP wrote:
> Hi
> Whats the different between a static and dynamic IP address? Should I
> be concerned? I am signing up for residential use.

An IP address is the number that internet routers use to find your computer,
so that webpages are sent to your machine when you request them, etc.
A static IP address always stays the same, and web-serving computers and
other machines that need to be found tend to use these.
A dynamic IP address might change each time you connect to the Internet and
is usually provided by ISP's for home-use, as this means not so many IP
addresses are needed by that ISP.
Unless you intend to run some kind of server, like a webserver etc, you wont
need a static IP address.
Put "usenet" in the subject-line if you want to mail me, otherwise it will

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