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Re: P2 vs P3 Ques
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"KC" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
news:AUAPa.50059$(E-Mail Removed):

> Is there any notable difference to the user between a computer w/P2
> 400mhz and one w/P3 500 mhz, both with 128 MB of RAM?
> thanks,
> kate

Yes. Even though there is only 100mhz worth of clock speed differecne
you'll get quite a bit of performance difference. Some would expect there
to be a 20% difference in perfoemance, but I would say it's more like 40%.

Why? Because the FPU (Floating Point Unit) in the P3 is better, it has a
100mhz front side bus instead of 66, the MB chipset might be better, and
there are quite a few enhancements to the chip that make it all around

If the P3 were the same as P2, would there have been any reason to make

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